About Us 

Our approach is campaign-centric and cross-channel. Integrated by a common messaging strategy that incorporates core themes, we’ll identify the unique value proposition, messaging, key benefits, and personas for each campaign audience. The campaigns will concentrate on building purpose-driven content and assets which move prospects through the buying cycle.

Successful campaigns craftily deliver purpose-driven creative. We use data analytics and closed-loop reporting to continually learn, optimize and evolve the campaigns. In addition to month-end reporting, we host weekly review/planning calls to review campaign performance and tune the program.

Our Services

When it comes to digital marketing, there are 6 techniques you should keep in mind for your campaign:

Brand Strategy Services

A brand strategy is simply illustrating the visual representation of your business goals. After understanding your business goals and identifying your target customer, we get started on bringing your brand to life. We create custom-designed brand elements like logos, color palettes, letterheads, presentations, and business cards, to help your company stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, we’ll combine all the brand identity information into a brand guideline document, so you know exactly when, where, and how to use each and every brand element. To us, this is like being a kid in a candy store: incredibly exciting, and full of possibilities.

Content Creation Services

There are multiple types of content within content marketing. Editorial content usually refers to written content that contains information or ideas, such as: white papers, solution papers, blog posts, case studies, newsletters, and e-books. Often, this form of content is used to establish thought leadership, and can be strategically pitched on various outlets beyond your own website. We also craft the copy on landing pages to help bring you leads with minimal direct contact. Creative content is a third key component of our content services. Read more about that next.

Visual Media Services

We love words, but we also know that our world is dominated by visuals (emojis, anyone?). Social media posts with visuals perform 50% better than posts with no graphics. Strong visual content is just as important as pithy writing. We take your videos through all stages of production, helping you storyboard, film, and edit. We’ve taken thousands of corporate headshots and event photos, using top of the line photography and video equipment. But we don’t stop there. Creatives at heart, we live in the Adobe Creative Suite. We design white-papers, e-books, infographics, social graphics, and more.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Our search engine marketing programs promote visibility, brand preference, and new business opportunities across Google and other search engine properties. 97% of B2B purchasers research products and companies on search engines BEFORE contacting a company. We create high-quality, value added content that outranks your competition and creates a compelling reason for your prospects to engage and further learn about our clients’ products and services. We combine great content with innovate SEO strategies and complement strategic keyword phrases with Google AdWords campaigns to maximize the visibility and new business opportunities for our clients.

Social Media Management Services

Successful social media programs align with a company’s marketing objectives and support the execution of the core communication strategies. We tailor our social strategies to each client: Each social network has its own unique characteristics. We want to participate where the audience you care most about, participates. We establish clear KPI’s and strive to strike a balance between promoting awareness and engagement within each social network, and driving top-of-funnel new business opportunities for our clients. We measure our success in awareness, engagement, and contribution to our client’s lead generation activities.



Website Development and Management

In our digital world, your brand typically revolves around your website. To meet your business goals, it must excel in both form and function. It is typically the first impression of your brand, and it is critical to differentiate yourself in a crowded digital space. Plus, websites serve a purpose: It must pull users in, persuade them to learn more and engage with you about your products, and then convert to become a qualified business opportunity. With dozens of sites for innovative tech brands, Sterling crafts both the art and the science of building and managing your website presence.