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The Only On Page SEO Core Concepts Resources you will Need

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Meta Data and Meta Tags

Before moving on in your SEO Career and specifically as an SEO Expert there are some concepts that you must know and understand, in this post I will try to cover most of the SEO on page Core concepts before we move forward.

Did you try before to understand the results of your Search?

Upon preforming a search using your keyword or Key Phrase we get a page that is the closest to our search criteria, since google job is to match our search quarries to the closest results

Above I have tried the search engine google using one of the keywords and the results came up with many choices, and this is the first organic result on page one.

The whole area together surrounded by red is called Meta data “Data that describe another data “of a page, but each area has its own name “ individual Meta Tags” which are small snippets of data that helps the search engine to identify some important information about the page when they crawl it .

The area surrounded by yellow is called Meta Tittle or tittle tag, the page URL is next and at the bottom is the meta description. Each part of this Meta data has its own rule in the process of the on-page optimization.

The meta data and meta tags can only be viewed if you are able to view the code of the page, so visitor of the page can’t see these types of information.

Each page of your site has a header container located on the top of each page, always this Meta Data information is located within the header part of the page .

FYI; If you want to view any element of the Meta data, right click in any part of the page you will find an option coming named view the source of the page , when you click on view the source of the page , click on this option you will be taken to another window showing the source of the page , hit “Ctrl” “F” in your key brad and type (Meta ) it will highlight automatically the word meta in any part of the page .

Another way of exploring the Meta Data of the page which is “Moz Toolbar “for chrome extension, this option will be much faster and more detailed especially for beginners.

Before we move forward let’s take a moment to define each part of the Meta Data;

The tittle tag: this the tittle of the page and each tittle of each page should be different from the other, you can’t have duplicate title tags in one website, this will result in SEO problems.

The URL: isn’t a part of the meta data but the search engines will pull the URL of the page when analyzing the page.

The Meta description is a block of text describing the content of the page.

FYI; when pulling up the search results, some words might be boldened , and these words are the quarries used in your search process , these words are the so called the keywords , you can tell that they don’t appear together because google has recognized the semantically related words in addition to the single and plural version of each word .

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