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The Unconventional Guide to Recap SEO Basics

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The only way for search engines to discover your website is to crawl The site by using the search engine crawler or spiders .

The process of crawling the site is the next step after you submit your site map to google webmaster.

The Process of Crawling the website might start from home page and might not , but it is confirmed that the search engine crawlers sample some pages everyday.

The process of crawling the site can take days , weeks ,and month to finish.

In This blog post I will explain how does it work ? and from where it start ? and what are the main factors in page and website ranking .

Creating Site Map

It is very important that before you start designing the site is to create a site map or a flow chart for the site .

This is site map or the flow chart you can draw it in a piece of paper or any software.

The home page must be linked to all pages in the site and the vise versa .This technique makes your pages essay accessible for the search engine spiders.

Your site will be crawled the highway only if you have the right site structure . The Relevancy of your website and its pages

Pages of your website are always ranked for search terms related to your site .For Example if you have a website about Sports Cars your pages must be relevant to your site , and your pages will be ranked for the search terms related to sports Cars . Let me explain this another-way , you-must follow the Keyword Theme of your website , you can not have a website about " Mercedes Benz " and you have pages about " Star wars "same for the Pages of your website , each page content must follow the keyword Theme of the Page .

Mobile Friendliness

Did you ask your self this question before , is your site mobile friendly ? YES it must be mobile friendly .

On April 21. 2015 google released a significant mobile ranking algorithm .This algorithm is designed to boost mobile friendly ages.

Mobile friendly site are more attracted by visitors and provide good user experience .

52.2 % of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices .

You can simple follow the guidelines for the responsive design to make sure your website is mobile friendly .

Why My Page rank the first one for a search term ?

If you try any search term you will find thousand of pages for one single search term . Why my page should rank the first one ? There are many answers for this question , but the most important answer is " How many Backlinks do you have in your page ?Links from third party website are votes to your site and to your content .Third party websites links determine who Ranks first .

Are Links equal ?

No Links are not like men created equal , Links are different one link might equal hundreds or maybe thousands .if you ask your self why Amazon is ranking higher than any other website ? The answer is Amazon has a large number of links from authoritative websites . How ever you might find some websites are ranking higher than others with a small amount of links , and the answer as i mentioned before one link might be stronger than hundreds .

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