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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of SEO Key Areas

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

It is very important before you start working as an SEO , to define what you will do , and what are the areas of your job in your clients website to do so you have to know what are the key areas of the SEO Job .

There are 3 key areas of SEO in any Website, every one of them complete the other so you can’t do one and ignore the others.

1- On page SEO.

On-page optimization is the practice of optimizing elements of a page, or a group of pages throughout a site to improve the SEO of the site. We call this on-page because we focus on various elements within a page or the code of a page. This refers to the content on the page, keyword choice for the page, and optimizing the page's meta data.

2- Technical, or on-site optimization

refers to the more technical aspects of improving the website. This goes beyond keywords and content and looks at how well the site is seen and understood by search engines. You must be aware of Google webmaster tools and Google analytics, technical SEO is important because while you can make the best on-page improvements to your site, it won't make a difference if search engines cannot find or understand the improvements that you made.

3- Off page or off-site SEO

Off page or off site for a decade was famous for just getting links from other websites, but with- the vast growing of the social media the definition of the off page or off site optimization had slightly changed .d.

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