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What does google Say About Link Building

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Building back links is a very important step in your SEO campaign, I meant here natural back links which are not purchased or exchanged .

The process of building the back links isn't easy and isn't going to build it isn't day and night.

When you start building the back links to your site , you need to get the rights links , from authoritative domains and not spammed links.

In This blog post I will explain some common sense guidelines for obtaining the best obtained backlinks .

Don't Focus in building back links

One day might come in which google will disconnect the idea of the backlinks , in this situation what can you do ?. that is why don't focus in your SEO campaign to build backlinks only . it is more recommended to promote your online website and in all directions rather than focusing in building backlinks only .

There are So many factors that works together to help you in ranking your page , its not only all about building your back links . Working to improve your online presence in a promoted and effective way is much much better than setting your mind into building links only .

Don't Guest Blog

seeking backlinks via guest blogging , it is the time to stop doing that .Google realized that it doesn't bring any value to users and sooner or later it will be disconnected .

In the other hand (Matt Cutts) said in His blog

"Guest blogging isn't illegal or a bad habit , it depends how you go about it "

Links Must be a valid citations

SEO Those who blog everywhere looking for links , they are missing one of the most important conditions for the links to be valid .Links must be valid citation , which means links must be editorial and placed in the content in a way that sound natural and NOT for SEO purpose .

What makes this links unique and very valuable is they are non-paid ,and they were obtained naturally , because someone found your content is valuable and decided to link to it .

How to Obtain a valid link editorially ?


Go to anywhere and leave a link back to your site without being reviewed , this link isn't counted and has no value .Given links must be natural and NOT for SEO purpose .


buy links , they are artificial and uncounted , google knows about that .


Swap links in a missy way , because its recognized by search engines .Swap links with extremely useful to your site


Steal links like Black hat SEO , injecting in millions of blogs and hacking into websites to insert links .

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