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SEO 101 for beginners

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What is does SEO stand for ?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a practice of improving a web site's visibility and search.

What is the relation between SEO and digital Marketing?

SEO is a part of a larger digital marketing strategy. And is more concerned about obtaining free or organic traffic. Other digital marketing roles can work in close alignment with an SEO strategy. Other roles within the digital marketing umbrella include search engine marketing, which is the practice for bidding for paid advertisements and search engines (Google AdWords).

Social media marketing which can include both free and paid social advertising and engagement practices. Content marketing, which focuses on writing content for blogs, newsletters, and more.

Public relations, which focuses on acquiring relationships and promoting newsworthy content and other related roles.

In order to succeed in SEO, you will need to have a good understanding of these disciplines, as well as the ability to work closely with other marketing roles for your mutual benefit.

SEO Branches and Careers

Different schools of thought and specializations within the SEO industry itself. For example, some people like to choose a specialization such as local SEO, technical SEO or SEO copy writing. While others like to have a broader specialization and work in all areas.

White, black and Grey Hats

There's even contention among SEOs about white hat versus black hat versus grey hat. White hat SEOs follow search engine best practices laid out by Google and other search engines while black hat SEOs tend to go against the grain and participate in what some might consider manipulative practices. Grey hats tend to be somewhere in the middle. Black hat SEOs tend to get hit with penalties more frequently and are known for more churn and burn approach to SEO.

The Major Search Engines

The search engines are the place where the visitors of your site will search for your site, this is your main filed to show your SEO skills, this is where consumers search for their desires.

A lot of people think when we talk about search engines we immediately think about Goggle, somehow this is true but form an SEO prospective there are many search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing

If you will be an SEO for multilingual website you must put in our consideration, Baidu which is a Chinese search engine , The Russian search engine Yandex .

Search engines and SEO

Among all the search engines , Google has the largest share and most of the consumers they prefer google when they search online , as a result most of the SEO work is connected and concentrated around google , even some SEO experts they joke and they say we are not SEO experts but we are Google optimization Experts

SEO Verses Search engine marketers

Upon using any of the search engines such as google the first page on the screen contains many websites, the first 3 or 2 are paid ads, and this is the search engine marketers’ job. the rest of the search engine page contains 10 organic results “this is your job as an SEO expert”

Both Search engine marketers and SEO Experts are seeking the first page using keywords using different ways .

Why the first page?

Studies have shown that a little over 71% of all traffic to a website is visits from the first page of results. Users are more likely to simply refine their search query, rather than continue to the second page of search results. In fact, these first five results in the organic listings, bring the highest percentage of traffic, accounting for approximately 68% of clicks to a website. Boosting a website just a few positions in search, can boost a website's traffic significantly. Alternatively, it's important to make sure your site is healthy and well optimized, so you don't lose positions or traffic.

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