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How Does Search Engines Value Links

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The real web consist of hundreds of trillions of webpages all linked to each other .This massive array of links are going back and forth.

Google and other search engines are able to solve these calculations and figure out the page rank value of each page.

Google and other search engines look at external links to your site as a vote to your site to go higher .this vote will be taken by the search engine for your favor and the search engine is going to value this vote for you to rank higher than other sites only in one condition if this backlinks are gained naturally.

In this blog we will discuss how search engines value links , and how to obtain the best valued links to your website.

Page Rank and website Rank

When You Create a new page in your site , this page given a certain amount of rank , Then this certain mount of tiny rank will either grow or stay the same according the third party links that points to this pages . Pages with rank might vote certain percentage of this rank to another pages if they rank to them , but this percentage doesn't go 50/50 .For example if you have a page in your site with a page rank of 6 and this page ranked to another 2 pages , one of these 2 pages might get ( 1 ) and the other one might be getting (4 ) Remember ; Links are not created equal .The online world connect of millions of webpages ranked and linked to each other , google and other search engines are able to figure out and resolve this calculations through their algorithms. Google toolbar page rank , that used to tell us about the page rank in each website , is no longer updated and isn't providing the actually page rank of the page.

The Link relevancy

It is very important to determine the Link relevancy into your webpage and website in general .Lets say you have a page about " The Pyramids of Giza " and you are getting a link from a page that is about " 10 reasons why you must do your shopping at amazon website" This is completely irrelevant and this link has no value for you .But if you getting a link from a page about : 10 facts about building the Giza pyramids that you don't know " This is a valuable Link .

Authoritative Site

Imagine , that you have a website about " Archeology " when you start looking for thrid party back links sites you will find lets say 400 third party websites .when you decided to choose which of these 400 sites , look always for the domain authority and the back links in the site before you decided to get links from .Links from authoritative sites in your market space will be more valuable to you .

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