Terms and Conditions 

1. Website content 

All the website content Cannot be copied under any situations or conditions.

2. SEO legal responsibility 

There are no results Guaranteed. Google changes its algorithms in a daily basis, any new google algorithm can either approve or disapprove any changes made to any website at any time.

Only SEO for me agency guaranties to maintain your website in a good standing without any penalties. 

3. Cancellations and penalty fees 

The plans are regular for 12 month and they renew automatically, In Case if you want to cancel your plan 

  •  Free Cancellation after 11 month and 1 day.

  • 1 (One) month penalty fee charge if Cancelled before 11 month  and 1 Day

​4. Non payment 

In case the payment for any of our plans failed for any reason, the package and its amenities will be suspended immediately.   

​4. Website Content 

We write your website marketing content except Blogs , Bloggers and forums , Since the technology we use in our websites depends mainly in social media and sharing it is your responsibility to maintain your blogs and blogger  and forums update .   

we do not write blogs and we don’t update forums.

​5. Technical Support 

By using our online messaging system located at the bottom right corner of any page in our website, leave a message with your subject and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Marketing only for tour Guides and travel agents will be on TripAdvisor - Get your Guide - Expedia.

FYI: TripAdvisor - Get your guide - Expedia marketing doesn’t accept individuals, they only accept Travel Agents.

Tour Guides: All of your activities and tours will be listed under our sister company www.toursbyguides.net

7- The Agency commission 

Tour Guides and travel agents plan is subject to 2.5 % monthly omission depending on your sales, this commission to be paid every 30 days with a separate invoice through the booking engine. (Only applies for travel agents and tour guides package)

8- Commission payment 

Failure to pay your commission on time will result in the suspension of your website and booking engine immediately. (Only applies for travel agents and tour guides package)

​9- Domains ownership 

All Domains MUST be purchased by SEO for me. We DO NOT ACCEPT outside domains for any reasons.

In case of Cancellations domains will be transferred after the payment of any balances due.

10 – Monthly reports

All SEO packages are subject to a monthly report to be sent in the first week of each month to the customers e-mails on file


11 - Sing Up For Your Plan 

By signing  up for your plan you totally agree with the terms and and conditions of the website mentioned above .


SEO for me agency has the right to update the terms and conditions as needed.

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